PROGRAM DATES: July 21st (arrival) - July 28th (departure), 2023

FOR: ages 14 to 25

TUITION: BLUEPRINT STUDENT DISCOUNTED RATE - in-person - $1500 - includes room & board
FOR STUDENTS ONLY ATTENDING COMPASS - in-person - $1750 - includes room & board as well as transportation to and from airport.

SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE: click here for details

AUDITION INFORMATION: Admission is by audition only.
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About Compass: Acting for Camera

Compass: Acting for Camera, like all Performing Arts Project programs, is ultimately concerned with the art of authentic storytelling. During this week, we’ll focus on telling the truth as an actor while working on camera. Students with no on-set experience or lots of on-set experience are welcome. A good portion of our work will be on self-tape auditions (because you have to get the job first). Plus, you’ll gain the confidence to arrive on a set and know what the heck is going on. (What’s a gaffer? What’s a key grip? What oh what is a cowboy shot?)

Most importantly, though, our work will be to forget everything in favor of living in the shoes of your character for the important moments between action and cut.


At Compass: Acting for Camera you’ll take classes with experienced film and TV professionals who work both in-front-of and behind the camera.

A typical day at Compass: Acting for Camera will consist of classes from 10am to 9pm. Classes will be held every day with an occasional break scheduled as needed. Class sizes are kept small to ensure individual attention.

In class we’ll, work on monologues, scenes, self-taping, and mastering the technical skills needed to succeed on-camera. In the evening, you’ll be given assignments such as preparing sides for an audition, recording a self-tape, and working on material with a scene partner.

In addition to the daily schedule, Compass: Acting for Camera will also include straight-talk conversations with pros about the state of (and entry into) the TV & film industry. 

Community Agreement

The Performing Arts Project has a Community Agreement in place, created by faculty member Alejandro Rodriguez, for all administration, faculty, interns, staff, and students. This agreement establishes best practices for the prevention/repairing of any potential harm.

The contents are discussed and updated at the beginning of programming to fit the specific needs and input of each company of students. Our 2021 Compass Community Agreement can be viewed below.

2021 Compass Community Agreement