General Information

At our auditions, we want to learn what interests you, what inspires you, what scares you, and yes, where your talents lie. We don’t need you to “dazzle” us; we’re simply looking for young artists who are creative and smart.
At the audition, you should be prepared to act, dance, and sing, We expect you to approach one like the other (they are so intimately related), meaning that we hope you bring yourself to each discipline – your own point of view, your own unique brand of expression which no one else in the world possesses.

When choosing your audition material, please bring whatever you feel represents you the best. We have no specific style requirements.

Above all, we humbly ask that you relax and be yourself. It’s not easy, but the best thing that you can do is be exactly you. This is not a job interview, so for the love of Pete, wear everyday clothing. Wear stuff that you always wear. This is no time for your Sunday best, unless that’s how you dress for the other six days of the week, too.


How the Live Audition Works

The Live Audition will begin with a dance call.  A few locations may not include a dance call. This will be noted in the audition details on the Sign-Ups.  All students should participate in the dance which will take about 1.5 hours. If you are unable to make the dance call please contact our office at to make other arrangements.

After the Dance Call, students will share their individual audition material during the time slot they selected on the audition sign-up.

Each individual audition will take approximately 10 minutes. Please note that because we are trying to get to know everyone thoroughly we often run late, so please allow extra time past your assigned time slot.

Please see below for specifics on what material to prepare.

Once you have completed your individual audition you are free to leave. Results will be emailed in March.


To attend our Live Online Auditions just sign up for a time slot on one of the dates below.

After you sign-up, we will contact you in advance to send you a link to use for your audition. At your assigned time, just go to the link on your computer.

Please make sure we also have your email address and cell phone should we run into trouble contacting you on audition day.

Students should sing with a track, rather than acapella when possible. If someone is available to play live at your location that is great as well.

You have a couple of options for your dance call. If you have a suitable space you can perform a short dance piece during your audition slot. You may also submit a separate dance video if you have one available or you may waive this portion of your audition. If you choose to waive your dance piece, we will place you as a beginner/intermediate level dancer.


Audition Material Details

1) An Acting Piece
Please share a 60- to 90-second monologue.  You may choose a modern and classical monologue or even something from another type of writing. You may also share an original monologue (i.e., written by you) that can double as your Original Piece. Our faculty may also give you some direction and work on the piece with you.

2) Interview
We want to get to know you a bit better. We will ask you to tell us a bit about yourself and might throw in a couple of questions at you. There is nothing you need to prepare for this.  We don't need to see a polished version of you, just the real you. We’d like you to speak off the cuff, conversationally, and informally.

3) An Original Piece of Any Kind
This is something created by you. If you share an original song, monologue, or dance routine, then you have fulfilled this requirement. If not, you can show us a character you’ve created, a rap, a poem, a painting, a chant, a pantomime; it’s all on the table.

4) A Vocal Piece
one 32-bar cut of a song. There are no requirements as to the type of song you sing.  You may choose a ballad or up-tempo and your song does not need to be from a musical. You may also share an original song (i.e., composed by you) that can double as your Original Piece. Our faculty may also give you some direction and work on the piece with you.

Optional - 5) A Movement Submission
after your live audition, you have the option to submit a one-to-three-minute dance combination or routine -or- multiple combinations or routines showing different styles, totaling three minutes or less -or- an original dance combination or routine (i.e., choreographed by you). if you choose not to submit a movement piece, we will place you as a beginner/intermediate level dancer.


6) All Students should also Submit/Bring the following (needed for all programs)

  • Bring - a photo of yourself, this does not have to be a headshot if you do not have any.
  • Submit in Advance - an application
  • Submit in Advance or Bring - a $35 application fee


  • Sign up for an audition slot using the links provided on the live audition sign-up page
  • Fill out your application here.
  • Prepare audition material as explained above.
  • Pay your audition fee on our Payments page 
    • You may also bring cash or a check (made out to The Performing Arts Project) for the $35 application fee to the live auditions.
    • Students who attend host schools will have their application fee waived.
  • Bring a headshot with you to the audition to give us in person.



Please refer to the chart to see what will be included in a live audition.

If you would like to be considered for multiple programs, you should prepare materials for the program with the most requirements.

Student who share Panorama requirements (5 items) will also be considered for Blueprint and Compass as well as Panorama. Students who share Blueprint requirements (4 items) will also be considered for Compass as well as Blueprint.