Who We Are

 We provide vibrant theatrical training to a generation of young performers. Our students learn to develop confidence and curiosity, becoming a credit to the community they serve.

Of paramount importance is to provide access to those who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Without the support of our donors, this would never be possible.

We are The Performing Arts Project and we hope you will be, too.

BLUEPRINT: Performance Training & College Audition Prep for students in high school or gap year

COMPASS: Dance For Movers for students in high school or gap year

PANORAMA: Performance Training Through Artistic Exploration for students in high school (16 and up), gap year, college, and beyond.

We are hopeful that summer 2021 will bring an environment in which we are able to hold in-person sessions. However, we are conscious of the shifting climate, and are staying as nimble as possible in our thinking. We are planning dates for both in-person programs and live-online programs. If we are able to have in-person programs, we will also be offering live-online programs concurrently with those in-person sessions as well.  All programs will remain audition-based.

2021 Dates

In-Person Sessions (concurrent Live-Online option)

Blueprint: June 26th (arrival) – July 10th (departure)

Compass: July 10th (arrival)– July 17th (departure)

Panorama: July 11th (arrival) – August 1st (departure)


Live-Online Sessions (these dates will be used if no in-person sessions are occurring in 2021)

Blueprint Session 1: June 13th (kick off) to June 25th (last day of classes)

Blueprint Session 2: June 27th (kick off) to July 9th (last day of classes)

Compass Session: July 11th (kick off) - July 17th (last day of classes)

 Panorama Session: July 11th (kick off) - July 23rd (last day of classes)

We are excited to announce our new Compass: Dance for Movers Fall Session! This twice-weekly online program provides beginner to beginner/intermediate-level dance technique training.

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