Sat., February 2nd, 2019 – 9am

Mableton, GA


Sun., Feb. 3rd-5th, 2019 – all day

Chicago, IL


Sun., February 10th, 2019 – 10am

San Marcos, TX


Sun., February 17th, 2019 - 12am

Digital Auditions Due

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  • Sign up for an audition slot using the links provided above
  • Applications can be filled out here.
  • Prepare a one-minute monologue, part of a song, and something original (original material is optional for our two-week intensive auditions).
  • Bring cash or a check (made out to The Performing Arts Project) for the $35 application fee, or pay in advance via our Payments page


Auditions will begin with a dance call in which ALL must participate.

In addition to your time slot, each applicant must participate in a dance call. Dance calls last approximately one-and-a-half hours.


Dance calls are at the beginning of the audition day, unless noted below...

Chicago – 1:30pm and 5:30pm (Applicants in Chicago may attend the dance call that is most convenient for them.)

New York City – 10am and 1:30pm

(Applicants in New York City are assigned a dance call based on their time slot. See sign ups for assigned dance call time details.)

Feel free to leave if you have extra time between your dance call and time slot. When you have completed both portions of your audition, you are free to leave for the day. All students will be notified as to their status the first week in March.

This is not your typical audition.

Please read these instructions carefully. At our auditions our goal is to get to know you – as an artist and human being. We want to learn what interests you, what inspires you, what scares you, and yes, where your talents lie. We don’t need you to “dazzle” us; we’re simply looking for young artists who are creative and smart.

You’ll be asked to act, dance, and sing. We expect you to approach one like the other (they are so intimately related), meaning that we hope you bring yourself to each discipline – your own point of view, your own unique brand of expression which no one else in the world possesses.

About that original material: This can be a song you composed, a monologue you wrote, a character you’ve created, a brief (a minute or two is sufficient) dance combination you’ve choreographed, a rap, a poem, a chant, a pantomime; it’s all on the table. Your original piece may replace your prepared song or monologue when appropriate. If it’s purely supplemental, we ask that you keep it short.

Above all, we humbly ask that you relax, focus, and be yourself. It’s not easy, but the best thing that you can do is be exactly you, and work the way that you like to work. This is not a job interview, so for the love of Pete, wear everyday clothing. Wear stuff that you always wear. This is no time for your Sunday best, unless that’s how you dress for the other six days of the week, too. See you soon!