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“When I heard about the Performing Arts Project, I knew I wanted to be a part of it because I love teaching, I love directing, I love coaching, and I love students who are willing, ready, and hungry to learn. This summer intensive is going to be incredible, and I’m raring to go!”

Gavin Creel
Tony nominee, faculty member, Performing Arts Project Summer Intensives

“I wish The Performing Arts Project had existed when I was growing up because I think a great summer arts program can change your life as a young artist. The group of teaching artists The Performing Arts Project has assembled is an extraordinary bunch: talented, caring, smart, funny and dedicated. I feel so lucky to be counted among them and I can’t wait to be there this summer.”

Celia Keenan-Bolger
Tony nominee, faculty member, Performing Arts Project Summer Intensives

“I firmly believe that this program teaches everyone (including the faculty) to be better, bigger, more open, curious people.”

Susan Misner
Actress, FX’s The Americans, faculty member, Performing Arts Project Summer Intensives

“I wanted to teach at The Performing Arts Project because it’s a place where they teach me; 
the students teach me, the other faculty members who work here teach me. It’s a collaborative 
environment that fosters education, that fosters curiosity. And I love being a part of something like that.”

Monica Raymund
Actress, NBC’s Chicago Fire; faculty member, Performing Arts Project Summer Intensives




“To say that being a part of The Performing Arts Project was life-changing would be a legitimate understatement. Going into this summer intensive, I was expecting for it to be your typical musical theatre boot camp: voice, dance, and acting classes all day, everyday. It was so much more than that. As an artist, I felt safe from day one.”

Gino Chaviano
Student, Texas State University, Summer Intensive Student


“I think one of the most exciting parts of the program was the amount of collaboration between faculty and students. The students didn’t just learn from the faculty, the faculty also learned from the students. We all were in this mode of constant collaboration and willingness to work for our art. I’ve never been a part of a more close-knit group of artists before.”

Kevin James Connor
Student, The Boston Conservatory, Summer Intensive Student


“Honestly, I have never seen a group of adults care so directly about the future of young performers.”

Emily Gee
Student, Texas State University, Summer Intensive Student and Scholarship Recipient





“As I watched the classes and the performances and had the opportunity to meet the teachers, I could see the passion and love each of these people were passing along to each student. They are truly helping these kids become students of the arts and not just performers. I left in awe of the generosity of spirit and love that was running through the faculty straight to the students.”

Holly Park Garmon
Parent of a Summer Intensive Student


“As a parent of two children on this path, I am extremely grateful for the people at The Performing Arts Project and the gifts that they give. It’s obvious to us that the gratification they receive from their work with these young people is as great as the gratitude we have for receiving it.”

Sam Swann
Parent of Summer Intensive and New York Series Students 





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The Performing Arts Project is a not-for-profit organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sex, or sexual orientation.