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Summer Intensive: June 28 – July 19
Young Performers Program: July 5 – 12
To audition for the Young Performers Program, click here.

Summer Intensive Auditions
Auditions for the 2015 Summer Intensive have now been completed. If you have not received notification as to your status by March 6th, please contact us at
If you have been accepted into our Summer Intensive, your $800 nonrefundable deposit is due no later than March 23rd, 2015. You can pay below with PayPal. There will be a 2.5 percent fee added to online transactions that will be displayed on PayPal as a tax. Your tuition balance will then be due by May 1st. You can also mail a check to our office if you prefer, simply email or call us for the address.

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Full Tuition
If you prefer to pay the full tuition now, please click below. Keep in mind that deposits are nonrefundable, but the balance of the tuition (minus PayPal fees) is refundable if you notify us about your cancellation before June 1st, 2015.

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DIGITAL AUDITIONS (Due February 15th, 2015)

Sometimes you just can’t get there. Have no fear: we still want to meet you. Set up a camera and let us get to know you electronically. First, read the instructions for the live auditions above – the same principles apply. We want you to be yourself and do work that you like. No formality is required. You are strongly encouraged to be imaginative and creative with your video submission. Think: “How can I let them know what makes me unique?”
When choosing your audition material, please submit whatever you feel represents you the best. We have no specific style requirements. However, we do ask that you do not patch together pre-recorded material. Nothing from a school production, recital, or anything like that. We want you to turn on a camera and make a video with the required elements.
Your video should be uploaded to a website such as YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox or submitted through The Submission Deadline is February 15th, 2015 -Applications received after this date will be considered for waitlist status.
Instructions are below.
Your digital submission should include:
1) A Vocal Submission
one full song -or- two contrasting 16- to 32-bar cuts -or- an original song (i.e., composed by you)
2) An Acting Submission
one 60- to 90-second monologue -or- two 30- to 45-second contrasting monologues -or- an original monologue (i.e., written by you)
3) A Movement Submission
a one- to three-minute dance combination or routine -or- multiple combinations or routines showing different styles, totaling three minutes or less -or- an original dance combination or routine (i.e., choreographed by you)
4) A Personal Statement
This is for you to interpret. We want you to talk to us, candidly, about a version of yourself that you dream up. Don’t write down a statement and memorize it. We’d like you to speak off the cuff, conversationally, and informally. There are no right or wrong answers. If you want more guidance in choosing a topic to speak about, feel free to answer one of the following questions: 1. You’ve been granted the power of invisibility, just for one weekend. How would you spend those two days? 2. We meet you twenty years from now and find out you’ve been banned from performing forever, yet you’ve still figured out a way to be happy. How did you do it, what are you up to? 3. An alien virus lands on Earth, and converts every human into a monster — every monster is different, and its features are based on what the person was like on the inside. What does your monster look like?
5) An Original Piece of Any Kind
This is something created by you. If you’ve already included an original song, monologue, or dance routine, then you have fulfilled this requirement. If not, you can show us a character you’ve created, a rap, a poem, a painting, a chant, a pantomime; it’s all on the table.
6) The Following Administrative Items
• a photo of yourself
• an online application
• a $35 application fee
If you are submitting via please go to the link below and follow submission instructions.
If you are submitting via YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox please follow the instructions below.
1) – Fill out your application here

2) Upload your audition to YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox. You may need to create multiple videos if the content is too large. You probably want to create a private link so that your audition is not public. (This is up to you, but please make sure we are able to view the material when given the proper link.)
3) Send an email to INFO@PERFORMINGARTSPROJECT.COM using the subject “Digital Submission – Your Name”
Attach your photo
Include the link or links to your videos
4) Pay the $35 application fee via Paypal using the button below.


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The Performing Arts Project is a not-for-profit organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sex, or sexual orientation.