WHAT: A fundraiser to celebrate 10 years of our nonprofit and to make sure there are many more. 

WHEN: Now until... all items are first-come, first-served.

Option 1: Make a tax-deductible donation.
Option 2: Sign up and donate to receive a coaching/experience gifted by our brilliant faculty.
Option 3: Underwrite our special 10 year anniversary commemorative hardcover book. 


OPTION 1: Make a tax-deductible donation. Donation options are Venmo (our Venmo name is @PerfArtsProj) or with a credit card or PayPal account.

If you are donating at the level of $150 or more and would like us to gift a below one-on-one session with a faculty member to a student in need, please make a note in the donation comments section.

OPTION 2: Sign up and donate to receive a one-on-one coaching/experience gifted by our brilliant faculty.

The full list is below. The minimum donation for each item is $150. All sessions are one-on-one online and one hour in length, unless otherwise indicated. And once a session is filled, it will not be offered again. Please scroll for item terms at the bottom of the page.

Sign up by clicking on the button below or on the faculty member's name.

IAN AXNESS - Book It! Ian will analyze your book and give you song suggestions one-on-one.

JESSICA BEDFORD - Read Between the Lines! Work on your monologues (Shakespeare, too, if you choose) one-on-one with Jessica.

JONATHAN BERNSTEIN - Fail Forward! Choose from one of the following one-on-one sessions with Jonathan: monologue work, get feedback on a play you have written, or receive some top notch off-the-beaten-path movie recommendations.

NICK BLAEMIRE - Sing it Out! Take a one-on-one songwriting lesson or vocal coaching session with Nick,

MARY CAVETT  - Use Your Words! Have your very own one-on-one monologue coaching session with Mary.

DAVE CLEMMONS  - Put Me In, Coach! Work one-on-one with Dave on either college audition assessment, college coaching, audition coaching, or performance coaching.

GAVIN CREEL - Talk for TPAP! Have an hour-long one-on-one conversation about writing with Gavin.

ZACHARY FINE  - Be a Clown! Take a clowning lesson or work on your Shakespeare monologues one-on-one with Zack.

EM GOLDMAN - Be a Musical Poet! Join Em for a one-on-one lesson in songwriting.

DEIDRE GOODWIN - Use Your Voice! Learn the ins and outs of voice over work one-on-one with Deidre.

JULIET GRAY - Be Your Own Producer! Take your work from the page to the stage one-on-one with Juliet.

ERIKA HENNINGSEN - Sing out, Louise! Take a one-on-one vocal coaching session with Erika.

CURTIS HOLLAND - Dance it Out! Take an hour-long one-on-one dance session with Curtis.

JAMES JIN - Picture this! Have an hour-long one-on-one photo session and conversation with James.

RYAN KASPRZAK - Make Your Own Room Where it Happens! Your choice of options include working with Ryan one-on-one on: learning Hamilton choreography, a tap lesson, juggling, clowning, or how to be a dance captain/dance supervisor.

SUSAN MISNER - Get Ready for Your Close-up! Choose from working on your monologues, acting for camera, or self-taping one-on-one with Susan.

VASTHY MOMPOINTParty On! Join Vasthy & Friends for a kid-friendly virtual party. It’s like Sesame Street meets Broadway and fun for the whole family (including grown-ups!).

CHARLIE MURPHY  - Talk it Out! Options for a one-on-one session with Charlie include: working on your monologue (Shakespeare included), learning more about college auditions, getting some podcast tips, or covering some inane basketball trivia.

RON PIRETTI  - Get Deep! Take a deep dive into your monologue one-on-one with Ron.


ISAAC POWELL - Talk for TPAP! Have a 30-minute one-on-one conversation with Isaac.


LAQUET SHARNELL PRINGLE  - Sing or Swing Dance! Work one-on-one with LaQuet on your choice of one of the following: vocal lesson, dance coaching, or how to be a swing.

ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ  - Speak Your Mind! Choose between the following options to work one-on-one with Alejandro: learn how to write and prepare a TED Talk or take an acting/public speaking coaching session.

KRYSTA RODRIGUEZ - Talk for TPAP! Have a 30-minute one-on-one conversation with Krysta.

DEVERE ROGERS  - Act it Out! Join Devere to work one-on-one with your choice of the following sessions: monologue, vocal performance, or audition (for theater or film/TV).

KIM SLADE  - Make Sweet Charity! Learn how to start your own nonprofit one-on-one with Kim.

MADELINE SMITH - Compose Yourself! During your session with Madeline, she will either give a one-on-one tutorial on GarageBand or custom-create piano backing tracks for your self-tapes.

ELIZABETH STANLEY - Think About It! Take a voice lesson (acting through song) and/or discuss mental health in the biz one-on-one with Elizabeth.

ELLEN WINTER  - Tune it Up! Take a one-on-one songwriting lesson with Ellen.

OPTION 3: Underwrite our special 10 year anniversary commemorative hardcover book.

Help us commemorate our time together at the ole mistake-making factory by producing a beautiful coffee table-sized photography book featuring moments from the past 10 years of classes, open rehearsals, round-ups, Let Me Try That Again fundraisers, and so much more. The book is tentatively titled “Failing Forward: 10 Years of The Performing Arts Project.” Proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to fund scholarships and operations.

We are asking for a donation of $10,000 to underwrite this book project. This donation will cover production, printing, and related costs. Underwriting can be sponsored by a single donor, or a group. Interested? Intrigued?? Tempted??? Let’s talk! Email Juliet Gray at juliet@performingartsproject.com for more information.

Fundraiser Rules and Regulations

By submitting your purchase, you acknowledge that you are bound by these Rules and Regulations.

  • Experiences must be fulfilled within six months of purchase.
  • Experiences will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon date and time based on donor/artist availability and schedule.  The experience must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Each experience is valid for one person only unless otherwise expressly noted in the item description.
  • Sharing of login information is forbidden and may result in cancellation of the experience without any refund.
  • Recording, screen grabs, or distribution of the experience is strictly prohibited unless otherwise approved by the donor/artist.
  • The experience must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • A representative from The Performing Arts Project may join the experience to facilitate.
  • Experience cannot be resold or re-auctioned.
  • We expect all experience winners to conduct themselves appropriately while participating in the experience.  Polite manners and respect for the donor and adherence to any rules or parameters are required.
  • The donor/artist reserves the right to end the experience early or cancel if any above rules are not followed. 
  • All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS with all faults without any representations or warranties of any kind.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NON-CANCELABLE.  Refunds, if any, are rewarded on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of TPAP
  • The IRS states that donors who purchase items at a charity auction may claim a charitable contribution deduction for the excess of the purchase price paid for an item over its fair market value. All items in this 2021 fundraiser are priced equal to or lower than fair market value and therefore not tax deductible if the minimum donation amount of $150 is paid.  Any amount donated over $150 per item is tax-deductible.